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Forms Of Abuseimages from the stories


And growing up, I was fighting all around and I hated it. Then I ended up with it. My man, he bring me out to a community… it wasn’t a dry community. Men there, they aggro and there, men are leaders… All the women, they follow. They get no say or nothin’…he bash me up all the time, bash me up a lot. I nearly lose my baby … and even his mum, that I was causing all the trouble. No matter what you do, the word gets back to the man, and its your fault.


It was worse when he took me further out into the bush…It was a hard life there, living in a little tiny tin shack. Got no water workin’… I cried and I cried, ‘cause his family couldn’t even come and check on us. Me and my kids, we were stranded out there. But even when my man bring me back to the community and he get wild, you got nowhere to run. No police, no refuge… You gotta go bush. He chase me with a rock, from one end of the community to the other. I was runnin’… But men, they faster. They catch woman up. Me and my kids now, we live in a dry community. While men… they long gone. I still got scars. I see them every day. The piece of my head… I still got loose bone there. But it good livin’ without ‘im now, yeah.