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Forms Of Abuseimages from the stories

The Hurt Experience

Enter the house and explore each room.

The HURT Experience is a 3D house that can be explored using your mouse.  Linked to objects in the house are video clips of interviews with people who have experienced domestic violence.  Clicking on the objects will launch the video clips.

Click on items in the room to experience the stories

If more than one video is connected to a single object, character photos will appear and you can choose which one to watch.

The experience features sound and video and requires Flash Player to be installed on your computer.  If Flash Player is not installed you will be redirected to a website where it can be downloaded.

Contol playback with the custom video player.

If you do not have speakers connected to your computer or want to explore the stories without navigating through the house, the transcripts from the characters’ stories can be found here.

The HURT Experience has been designed for broadband Internet connections.

LAUNCH The HURT Experience here

Read the transcripts here