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One of the guys in the group here used to hit his wife after the kids had gone to bed. He’d make sure that she wouldn’t say anything to them about it. Most of the other blokes though, like how I was, and they’d just get violent when they got out of hand... It could be any time and then it could be in front of the kids.


Probably the hardest thing I’d ever done, saying sorry to my kids for what I’d done to their mother. My oldest, Claire, she’s been pretty angry at me for a long time. She left home when Jen and I were still together and she sometimes looks after the other two after school when Jen goes to work. But I got my access rights back and I called Claire and asked if I could come around and talk to them all. She knew it was pretty important. When I rocked up and told them all I was sorry for what I had done to their mum, Claire started crying and saying, “what did you do it for dad?” The two boys they just got up and walked outside. Claire, she’s always been a crier but the boys they keep to themselves a bit... .a bit like me I suppose.


A lot of the guys in the group said they saw their dad hit their mum when they were growing up and then they turned out the same. I don’t want my boys to turn out how I used to be.